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Virtual Quiz Night

It's free!  It's fun!  It's online!

For over a decade West Suburban Irish has been hosting Quiz Night at Quigley's Irish Pub in downtown Naperville. Many people looked forward to flexing their trivia skills and having a few laughs with friends and family. When COVID came to town we had to change the way we did things, and Quiz Night was no exception.

But did we let COVID shut down our Quiz Night fun? No way! We took our regular in-person Quiz Night event and turned it into an online game!

Join us on the first Tuesday of the month to duke it out online for prizes and a healthy dose of Quiz Night glory. The next VQN is December 1.

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The next Virtual Quiz Night is Tuesday, December 1 at 7:00 pm. Register your team* today at There's space for only 15 teams so get that registration in sooner than later.

Want to know how this whole thing works? Check out the FAQ section below.

Good luck - and have fun!

* Teams can be from one to ten players. This means you can play with a group or by yourself.

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Virtual Quiz Night FAQ
Virtual Quiz Night FAQ
We only have a few rules for Quiz Night, just enough to keep it fair and fun. We’ve been conducting Quiz Night for over 10 years and the rules have served our participants well.

How do we do this virtually?
We use email and Google Forms to facilitate the questions and answers for each of the four rounds. Team captains are the point of contact for each team. They receive the questions, discuss them with the team and then submit the answers online. They'll also receive game instructions and rules a couple of days before the event.

What is a team captain? Team captains are usually the person who registers their team to play, or who the players on a team decide is the best point of contact for the team. You'll let us know who this person is on the registration form.

When does it start? The questions to Round 1 are emailed at 7:00 pm to team captains.
Who can play?  VQN is open to WSI and non-WSI members alike. Team Captains must have a valid email address and internet access on a computer or smart device. Children are welcome to play, too.

Does it cost anything to play?  Nope. It's free.

Do we have to register or can we just "show up?"  You need to register in order to play. Registration links are published a few weeks before an event and posted on this webpage and in our social media channels. WSI Members will also get an email about it.

How many people can be on a team?  Up to 10 people.

How do team members get together to play? Each team decides what's best for them. Most often teams will gather via videoconference or meet up in person.

Do players have to live in the western suburbs of Chicago? No. We've had teams with players from California to New Jersey. And even Wisconsin, too.

Where do the trivia questions come from? Our Resident Trivia Nerd researches and writes all the questions from scratch. The categories are different every month. Questions are usually fill-in-the-blank or matching. Sometimes we get really fancy and have an audio portion.

Can I use the internet to search for answers? No. Use yer noggin for the answers. Cheating is highly frowned upon in this establishment.

Are there prizes? Yes. Prizes will go to the winners of each round and for 1st/2nd/3rd place finishers. There are even prizes for the recipients of the Corrigan Spirit Award and Team Name Award! Best of all, prizes will be delivered to your door during VQN.**

 Teams can be from 1 to 10 people. Which means if you want to go it alone we support you 100%. No shame in that game.

** For addresses only within 10 miles of Quigley's Irish Pub, 43 E. Jefferson in downtown Naperville. Live further than that? We'll mail you a $10.00 gift card to Quigley's Irish Pub.

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October 2020 VQN Champions!
October 2020 VQN Champions!
Congrats to all the Big Winners from October's VQN!

       First Place: Nacho Momma's Quiz Team & The Non-Essentials

Nonessentials VQN

Third Place: Is it 2021 Yet?!

Is It 2021 Yet October 2020 VQN

Corrigan Spirit Award: Mask-o-Lanterns

Mask o Lanterns October 2020 VQN

Team Name Award: Pulling These Answers Out of Our Bumpkins

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